What if Nintendo explored Augmented Reality on Mobile?

Augment by Nintendo

Smart phone|Design language|AR
//Course_3D Modeling 2
//Duration_6 Weeks
//Catagory_Product Visualization
//Responsibility_Design, Model, Render

//Project Breif_

Nintendo has already begin looking at mobile gaming with launch of pokemon Go, Mario Kart Tour, so why not reimagine AR gaming for mobile?

This is the Nintendo Agument.
A vision where Nintendo made AR ready mobile phone.

With the dual screen, you will be ablr to experience content like never before, unleashing the potential for future mobile ar games, now you will be able to see more with more screen space, allowing extra content or even view guides as you play through.
The roundness gives off the soft, playfulness of Nintendo products, smooth and comfortable to hold in the hands.


After gathering refrences from older nintendo products, I generated couple concepts for a phone that resembled Nintendo’s fun, bubbly design language.

*Not associated with Nintendo, school project only

Under the Guidence of Jeff Jones@ArtCenter

Design by Yunhao Song
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