Imagining the of future home medical devices.


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//Course_Viscom 4
//Duration_3 Weeks
//Catagory_Product Visualization
//Responsibility_Design, Model, Render

//Project Breif_

This is the LGT-M(odern).
A new take on designing a medical TDL lamp.
TDP lamps radiate electromagnetic frequencies that the healthy human body makes.
The TDP lamp can rejuvenate muscles, tendons, and soft tissue and speed the recovery process by helping the body's own natural healing response.


For this mini project, I spent time on ideation photobashing the first week, followed by quick modeling in Fusion360 for refinement the second week, and finally rendering in Keyshot to produce the final visuals.

Using design elements of existing designs, I used photoshop to flatten out and pieced together forms that made sense also in function.Choosing the middle ground design that fit the mobility aspect, the design was iterated in the modeling process, such as trying different head designs and base details. I added details on how the panel would attach to the pole, and the pattern on the back of the head panel.

After the modeling process, I chose a CMF that fit my futuristic vision for this medical home device: cold and mechanical. Almost Gundam like.
In use vs. not in use
Under the Guidence of Jin Park@ArtCenter

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