Forget the key, let’s drive.

Polaris for PoleStar

Smart Watch|Design language|Wearable
//Course_3D Modeling 2
//Duration_4 Weeks
//Catagory_Product Visualization
//Responsibility_Design, Model, Render

//Project Breif_

Introducing Polaris by Polestar.
Polaris is a concept wearable keyfob for @polestarcars as a companion for their line of electric vehicles, now with a Heart rate monitor to detect the state of the driver. The Polaris wearable has a curved OLED display that is used for everyday smartwatch tasks but also displays controls for the car, such as starting the engine, unlocking doors upon approach, open doors on command, or Drive to your location with just a tap and swipe. The bands are a detachable mesh that could be magnetically fit any wrist without comprise to comfort.


Being a rapid project, I am used to do rapid loose sketches to convey multiple ideas and refine as a start modeling, allowing me to achieve a showable result for visual critque in a short amount of time.

While developing the final concpet, the modeling started simultaneously, using Procrate to refine details on screenshots of the model that is still work in progress. This way was fast and easier for me to communicate with my instructors, but I did end up rebuilding the model several times, which I gained speed with each remodeling process.

With the final model, I choose metal finishes that felt premium, fitting with the industrial style and feel of Polestar cars. The band design was not the focus of this project, but I found a nice clean design that featured a magnetic strap with woven covers that felt like it fit the overall design.

Under the Guidence of Jeff Jones@ArtCenter

Design by Yunhao Song
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