I'm Yunhao!

I believe design is a mindset,
that could be applied to everything.

I enjoy designs that are quirky, engaging, and humble.

I design with inspiration from art, film, and architecture.

I am currently a Product design undergrad at ArtCenter in Pasadena, California. My work spans disciplines from industrial design to motion and graphic design. But I am most proud of my ability to generate large amounts of ideas and then be able to communicate them visually, influenced by art and film that use visuals to enhance the storytelling.

I was enrolled in the Designed Objects pathway (AIADO) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for two years before transferring to ArtCenter. This allowed me to explore different mediums and more artisitc tackle projects. Although I love these projects I wished my designs lived not only in galleries, so I decided to pursue product design.

While I'm not designing, I am passionate about photography, video games with great visual storytelling, and making beats with my OP-Z.

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