I'm Yunhao Song, I do design!

I am a passionate multidisciplinary designer that is excited to connect and ready to engage.

I am currently a Product design undergrad at ArtCenter in Pasadena, California. My work spans across disciplines from industrial design and product visualization to UI/UX and motion graphic design. But I'm most proud of ability to establish a design process that pins down pain points and breaking down projects into simple stages.

I enjoy brainstorming endless possibilities; dwelling on the what if’s and creating cool visuals to make people excited about these ideas: I have always been interested in the playfulness in design.

I was enrolled in the Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects pathway (AIADO) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for two years before I transferred to ArtCenter.

While I'm not designing, I enjoy traveling and taking photos of urban landscape and lifestyle shots.

I am drawn to:
  • Playful Ideas 
  • Blue Sky Projects
  • Beautifully Composed Detailed Renders

I am working towards:

Visit my archive of work from SAIC here! ︎︎︎

Here’s also a copy of my Resumé!︎︎︎
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