Bring back tangible analog joy from the busy digital world.

Re: Calm

Design Language
Design Responsibility
Responsibility_Design, Model, Render, Mockup
Duration_12 Weeks
Catagory_Lifestyle Design


In our digital age, going off-grid and practicing digital hygiene is becoming more popular as people seek to reconnect with the physical world. Analog interactions, such as reading a physical book or playing a board game, can establish emotional connections with products and have a positive impact on our mental health.


I wanted to create a statement of how I view product design with this project, how can we create objects that interact with us on a deeper level, objects with love?

I believe this is a beginning of an exploration not only on interations but also on the relationship created between we the users and these quirky objects.

How can we take back product design in a fully digital world?


Designing to Reclaim

The Now-now

Every app there is lives off of your attention.

How many times does your phone light up when you are doing something else?
How many times will you reach out just to see what notifications did you recieve?
How many times the phone becomes more of a distraction than a tool?

The Response

Digital Hygiene, to step away.

As technology grows and spreads, while some are eager to immerse themselves into the digital world, we also see the other half, pull themselves away. But it is scary to just put down technology, what if someone we care is trying to contact us? We still want to be available to those we care. But how?

The Essences

Physical Manifest, to be kept in the loop.

When we look around, there are so many analog and tangible ways that the world is trying to communicate with us, like the post on a mail box, the ticking hands of a clock, or a swaying branch in the wind.

What if these are the ways objects would interact with us actively?

Reimagining interactions: Giving physical form to digital information. 

1_Silent Charger

What if we can disable the screen physically?

An Anchor

A Screen for a light

Forces phones to face downwards, provides light as it charges, notifies via breathing brightness.

2_Tape Timer

What if we can measure out how much time we need?

A Countdown

Physically measure out time

Pull tab to set timer, press button to start count down without contracting tape.

3_Flag Notifier

What if notifications lived in the physical space?

A Gateway

You’ve got mail

Shoots up when contacts within the filter sends a message or an email. 
Turn the dial to tune into the outter circle of people to the filtered inner circle with only those that are close to signal you.

Thoughts and Process

Final presetation models shown at grad show

Explorations of Interactions

To Intreact, to Feel, to Connect

It started with just the idea to explore the possibility of appreciating objects based solely on their form and interactions, free from the influence of transient technology.

Pulling apps back into reality

Digital signals that matter

I looked at all my notifications and defined that only 2 types of notifications were important, that really matter. Promises with others, and ourselves.

Pick and choose

Crafting the vision

Initially, I had five object concepts in mind, but I became more drawn to the idea of objects that go beyond being mere gimmicks and playthings. I aimed to develop a cohesive narrative that also mirrors the concept of digital hygiene, which I have personally been exploring.

Under the Guidence of Jeff Jones and Chris Wu@ArtCenter

Inspired by the smooth flow of music

Dune by Devialet

Form Development
Design Language
Brand Analysis 
Responsibility_Design, Model, Render
Duration_14 Weeks
Catagory_Product Design


To propose a new product category for Devialet by designing a unified collection of objects.


Devialet Dune is a collection of re-imagined audio workstations that beautifully streamlines the experiences of music production.

*This product is not an actual product of Devialet. Third party brands, trademarks, and/or copyright materials are used here for demonstration purposes only as part of a student work
The Dune Collection

Devialet Dune Series

is a collection of re-imagined audio workstations that beautifully streamlines the experiences of music production.

The three core products, the digital keyboard, sequencer and recorder, operate in unison by wirelessly transferring high-fidelity data on the fly.

Innovative 5D touch technologies open up new avenues for expression, allowing for real-time modulation and intuitive sound shaping for more natural and creative performances

Dune Keyboard

The Dune Keyboard is the main product, giving users the power to create melody, with the innovative 5D touch, Dune Keyboard encourages users to sculpt sound with intuitive gestures. 

Dune Sequencer

The Dune sequencer work as a compliment to the Dune Keyboard, but could be used individually: allowing users to create beats.


Dune Recorder 

The Dune recorder is enabling users to easily capture sounds on the go, with a slim profile the Dune recording transmit the recording data wirelessly to the rest of the products in the series.

The Designing of the Dune Series

Brand Analysis

Devialet is an audio equipment brand of passion and innovation.

As a group, we were asked to create a brand book that told everything about Devialet.
Other than figuring out the brand identity, I played a role of overseeing the sections and organizing the presentaion deck, I was also helping other teammates on their section of research as well as the oral presentation.

New Audience

Users of Devialet want is simplicity and high quality results.

By introducing the new user group of the Adult Music Hobbyist, Devialet has a chance to introduce not only the joy of listening but also creating to music.

The Challenge

The adult music hobbyists are those who love music but lack the time to master the complexities of music creation.

The hardware and software of current music production has many componants, making it hard to approch and not easy to understand eveything at once.

How Could Devialet help the adult audio hobbist to express their creativity? 


The contemporary landscape of musical instruments is primarily function-based, and they all share a common design language.

Through research and consideration three products were choosen to simplify the equipment needed:

A keyboard as the main product, giving users the power to create melody;
A sequencer as a compliment, allowing users to create beats;
A recorder as a assistant, enabling users to capture sounds on the go.

These products would communicate wirelessly to make the process more streamlined.
A system that allows users to unlock features afterwards and connect to Digital Audio Workstations for more professional production.

What if gestures were musically expressive? 

Key Sketches and Modeling

A design language influenced by the softness of sand dunes was explored through sketches by thinking about the flow of music.

40% of the term was spent modifying the 3D model to get the design language exact.
Modeling done in fusion360.

Moodboards as Design Process

Images are utilized to convey the story's visual emotions and to set the tone for the product.

Using sand dunes as the main inspiration, the refinement of the modelling process was look back constantly to make sure the feeling was the same, the Material, Finish and Color boards helped to set the tone and image for the products while designing.

Under the Guidence of Emily Sawamura@ArtCenter

Blending productivity with a touch of personality.

Table Shelves

Design Language
Brand Analysis 
Responsibility_Design, Model, Render, Manufacturing
Duration_14 Weeks
Catagory_Lifestyle Design


To design and make a line of accessories for Hay (Denmark).

Research will lead to understand the brand identity/values and their target, as well as understanding the current market trends. The design will include a range of small, functional objects - 3 to 5 objects, selected from a curated list - which fits the brand identity and considers the company’s manufacturing techniques, as well their use of materials.
This range will respond to a specific, targeted need, while reflecting its designer’s approach.

The final products will be in real scale,using the actual material/s and color/s .


The products are designed to be manufactured, so sourcing and understanding the process used on the materials, and how everything would be put together is important.

*This product is not an actual product of HAY. Third party brands, trademarks, and/or copyright materials are used here for demonstration purposes only as part of a student work

Interchangable Shelves to brighten up the home office

The NEW Home Office

The home office is being invaded with objects and items from the traditional office.

The office setting is often tight and serious while the home is a tranquil place to relax in blissful solitude.

After the pandemic, work form home is becoming the new normal, thus the home office now transforms into a place for relaxation and productivity.


Metal Tsunami

On the idea that items on a horizontal plane could go vertical, I imagined that items on the table are pushed to the top of waves, giving movement and an interesting forms to the home office.


Evolving with every setup.


Inspiring play and rest.


Entering the vertical space.


Rapid sketches and sheet metal modeling

With manufacturing in mind, the bending method was decided very early on, so most of the time were spent with adding and refining the details of functionality.

CAD were done in Fusion360 with the sheet metal feature that allowed the model to be spread flat for manufacturing.


Cardboard mockups for scale

Using cardboard to mockup the folding of sheet metal, as well as the possible hanging holes for powder coating.


Aluminum bending 

The mateiral used were 6061 aluminum sheets that were bent to shape, but due to early sharp bends, the material snapped, leading to the simplified design of the double bend.

The Final Model

Under the Guidence of Chiara Ferrari@ArtCenter

Electric wear for an electric infused future

Software Learning
Design Language
Brand Analysis 
Responsibility_Design, Model, Render
Duration_8 Weeks
Catagory_Softgoods Design


To propose a clothing collection for a near future environment or setting using softgoods CLO.


Polestar_wear is perfomance clothing for those that commit and believe in the Polestar philosophy of preformance, transparency and an electric future. 

*This product is not an actual product of Polestar. Third party brands, trademarks, and/or copyright materials are used here for demonstration purposes only as part of a student work

Designing Polestar_wear*

The Brand

A design-focused electric performance car brand, harnessing refined performance and technology. Polestar offers seamless integration into your life.

The mission is to bring driving pleasure into a new era with a product offering of progressive, electrified performance cars that are designed and engineered without compromise.

Brand Language 

Text as Graphics
Colored Functions
Knit Texture

Polestar uses great design to deliver exceptional performance. Using new techniques and novel materials to build a minimal masterpiece

1_Engineering Infused

Made for pure preformace, with scientific info labeling and geometric trimming

2_Transparent Tech

New materials that speak the idea of completely transparent.

3_Organic Industrial

Factory made, to give back to nature.

Future Technology

Electric Charged Fabric

For next-generation wearable and implantable devices, energy storage devices should be soft and mechanically deformable and easily printable on any substrate or active devices.


Electric Future,
A Fashion Statement.

This is my first time trying to sketch clothes, constantly looking for inspirations in the fashion industry for inspiration. I realized how much I was missing outside the product design world the during the process. The art direction and imagery spoke ideas and emotion to me and now I look at fashion as an inspiration when I render and compose my imagery.


Photobashing with Digital Assets

The last phase before going into CLO was me trying to piece together what these garments would look like visually. Photo bashing allows me to bypass sketching garments (that slowed down the process) and create higher fidelity visual mock ups to communicate my vision.

The left 2 versions are pushing the timeline too far into the future that didn’t suit the brief.


Real-Time Simulating AI Vector Patterns 

CLO is surprisingly intuitive and easy to use, starting off with basic patterns, I was able to cut, re-draw and adjust parts of the garment with ease, while moving quickly with iterations.


For the Proud Polestar Owners

An exclusive collection of Polestar garments that celebrate and showcase the commitment to design and innovation.

Staying true to our well-balanced cars, Polestar_Wear is focused on performance, achieving goals together with proud owners of Polestar.

Near Field Charging

Electro infused jacket that charges 
wrist wearables as well as devices in close proximity.

Flexible Battery Cells

Modular battery cells are attached to the back of the jacket. Cells charge while driving in the car. Power delievered through printed circut inlays in jacket.

3D Knit+

All weather proof materials yet breathable and made for movement for the any adventure ahead.

Polestar Proud

Celebrate our commitment to design and innovation.

Under the Guidence of Hojin In@ArtCenter

Forget the key, let’s drive.

Polaris for PoleStar

Rapid Design
Design Language
Form Development
Responsibility_Design, Model, Render
Duration_4 Weeks
Catagory_Product Visualization

Project Breif_

Introducing Polaris by Polestar.
Polaris is a concept wearable keyfob for @polestarcars as a companion for their line of electric vehicles, now with a Heart rate monitor to detect the state of the driver. The Polaris wearable has a curved OLED display that is used for everyday smartwatch tasks but also displays controls for the car, such as starting the engine, unlocking doors upon approach, open doors on command, or Drive to your location with just a tap and swipe. The bands are a detachable mesh that could be magnetically fit any wrist without comprise to comfort.


Being a rapid project, I am used to do rapid loose sketches to convey multiple ideas and refine as a start modeling, allowing me to achieve a showable result for visual critque in a short amount of time.

While developing the final concpet, the modeling started simultaneously, using Procrate to refine details on screenshots of the model that is still work in progress. This way was fast and easier for me to communicate with my instructors, but I did end up rebuilding the model several times, which I gained speed with each remodeling process.

With the final model, I choose metal finishes that felt premium, fitting with the industrial style and feel of Polestar cars. The band design was not the focus of this project, but I found a nice clean design that featured a magnetic strap with woven covers that felt like it fit the overall design.

Under the Guidence of Jeff Jones@ArtCenter

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